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Emerald has been one of the most used tools to decorate desktops from Linux, thanks to the big possibilities that it offered in theme creations and its amazing integration with Compiz.

Emeralds popularity came as a consequence of Beryl's growing fame, which incorporated it in the system as the windows decorator by default.

Now that Compiz is compatible with Metacity, Emerald is now placed in the background, but it doesn't stop being one of the most attractive windows decorators.

There are many existing themes created exclusively for Emerald, using its advantages to their maximum potential: transparency, improved shadows, and totally customizable window borders.

With this download you also have the possibility of installing them in your system with just a few steps, enjoying its originality and even modifying them with the theme manager.

This way, Emerald becomes one of the best options for lovers of desktop decoration.

When you have installed Emerald, execute the command emerald --replace to activate it.


Repository: ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8 Architecture: i386

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